New Easydiag 2.0 and Golo M-Diag / Easydiag offline activation problems 06.2017

This month Launch has introduced the new Easydiag 2.0 and Golo M-Diag/Easydiag activation protection. Around 14.06.2017 people started to experience an offline activation problems. New eobd22.49 and eobd22.50 were introduced and also modified June cars database. Looks like the new cars database is modified to work with the new eobd 22.49 and 22.50  software. If you’ll try to use it with an older eobd 22.46 or 22.47 software, you may get all kind of errors.
Effected Launch Easydiag 2.0 and Golo M-Diag/Easydiag adapters with serial numbers higher than 968590115000 (approximately)!
New Launch Easydiag 2.0 and Golo M-Diag activator is being tested at the moment and so far it’s all good.

Launch EasyDiag Error Try 5 Solution

This Error – 5 solution may not work for everybody.
  1.  Downgrade your device firmware to 11.52.
  2.  Use old car database like 03.2017 or 04.2017.
  3.  Plug your device to the car. Start original Launch application and launch EOBD. Your device color of the light will change, than exit application.
  4.  Now start Pro3 application and proceed as needed. All should be working properly.
  5.  You will need to use this method every time when connecting to the car.
Newest 11.57 firmware can also help.